Using Summit products in Office 2016


Avoiding security warnings when Summit program is launched
Other Issues - Summit Menus


To date, the main issues/problems with using the current versions of our software in the Office 2016 environment are:
    1. Multiple security warnings are displayed whenever the software is opened.
    2. The Summit menus at the top of the screen are not displayed.
The purpose of this document is to explain the steps needed to deal with each of these issues.
All file and folder locations in this document assume that all Summit products and Office 2016 have been installed in their default folders. You will need to adjust these instructions if the Summit products or Office 2016 are not installed in their default folders.
The default folder for Summit Event Manager Pro (SEMP version 9) is C:\SEMP.
The default folder for Summit Central (SCL version 4) is C:\SUMMIT.


For Microsoft Access versions 2002 and onwards the files for installing or updating Summit programs are semp.exe for Summit Event Manager - Pro, and scl.exe for Summit Central. This example is for Summit Event Manager - Pro. When you attempt to run semp.exe you get the following warning:

You should click on Run.

A window will appear with the heading "Install Summit Event Manager - Pro?". To continue with installation process, select 'Yes'.

The installation program should then complete successfully.

Avoiding security warnings when Summit program is launched

You will get security warnings each time you launch a Summit program if you have not specified the Summit software folders as trusted locations. To do this take the following steps:

For Summit Event Manager - Pro run C:\SEMP\mieTrustedLocations.exe

For Summit Central - Pro run C:\Summit\mieTrustedLocations.exe

Other Issues - Summit Menus

When you open the Summit program the Summit Menus that are normally displayed at the top of the screen are not present, as shown below:

The Summit menus are now displayed under the Add-Ins tab on the ribbon which is highlighted above. If you select the Add-Ins tab, the Summit menus are displayed as shown below.