Summit Event Data Collector

The Summit Data Collector is a free-of-charge product that enables you to start building your event database without owning a retail copy of Summit. All the information entered into the Summit Data Collector can be imported into Summit Event Manager - Pro at the click of a button.

With the Summit Data Collector you can:

The Summit Event Data Collector is designed for the following groups of people.

Clients of professional conference and event organisers who use Summit

You can build up the database of people you are targeting for an event in a format that you know the event organiser can use. Determine what user defined fields and interest profiles you want to use to capture extra data and collect the information. Collect the extra details that can not be imported into Summit any other way. Use the inbuilt tools to eliminate any duplicates in your event database. When it's time for the event organiser, just e-mail them the file and they import it into Summit Event Manager Pro quickly and painlessly.

People who are planning to purchase Summit

You can build up your event database including Summit's user-defined fields, profiles and extra details and then import all the information automatically into Summit when you purchase Summit Event Manager Pro.

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