Summit SafeGuard

One of your most important assets is the precious information you have spent years compiling, but how safe is it?

Do you:

If you can answer Yes to all of the above questions, or you wouldn't really mind re-entering a day's work, a week's work, or maybe a few month's or even year's work, then read no further. If, however, you would like to safeguard this asset, read on.

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Why Use Summit SafeGuard?

In a perfect world, data loss would never take place.

In the real world, however, this is what happens:

The data you lose could be a PowerPoint presentation, a Word document, a FoxPro file, a Summit data file, or another Microsoft Access data file. The best ways to protect yourself from loss of information are good computer housekeeping practices and a backup regime that incorporates rotating media and off-site storage.

Summit SafeGuard will help you avoid file corruption, and give you early warnings of corruption, in Summit data files and other Microsoft Access files.

Summit SafeGuard was specifically designed to address the following problems:

People don't compact their Summit data files (or other Microsoft Access files) as often as they should.

Of course they don't! It's difficult, inconvenient and time consuming, particularly in a multi-user environment where you have to go round the office, making sure nobody else has the file open before you can compact it.

Unfortunately, this means that their data files just keep getting larger and more fragmented, which in turn makes them more likely to become corrupted. Because people often do not know they have a corruption, and continue to use the file, they run the risk of graduating from having a file with a minor, relatively easy to fix corruption to a severely corrupted file with a complete, irretrievable loss of all information.

We know of people who have lost over two year's work!

How Summit SafeGuard helps.

Summit SafeGuard is designed to run stand-alone, unattended, at a nominated time every day after you've all gone home. Every file on your list is compacted every day and you get a full report of what's happened. This means that you no longer have to worry if all your Summit data files are being compacted on a regular basis.

If someone compacts an already corrupt file, they can further damage it.

People can go for weeks or months with a file containing a corruption without knowing it, if they never go to the record containing the actual corruption. If they then compact the file, the compact/repair function can truncate data, rendering the file completely unrecoverable, even by specialist data recovery companies.

How Summit SafeGuard helps.

Summit SafeGuard runs a safeguarded compact of each file. This ensures that there has been no data loss and no internal compact errors have occurred.

If a file is too corrupted for Summit SafeGuard to compact, the fact that no data has been lost means that specialist data recovery companies, such as PK Solutions have a much better chance of recovering all your data. This means that you will know of any corruptions in time to get them fixed, before the data files become unrecoverable.

People don't know if they are backing up corrupt data files.

When you run your normal backups, you have no way of knowing if you are backing up corrupted data files. This means that you may end up with no backup copies of your data file as you can cycle through your full backup media sets before detecting the corruption.

How Summit SafeGuard helps.

Summit SafeGuard helps in two ways. Firstly, it makes alternative backup copies of successfully compacted files over a weekly rotation. Secondly, by highlighting problem files on a daily basis, you can ensure that corrective action is taken prior to your next backup. Ideally, you should time your backup to start after Summit SafeGuard has completed it's compact and backup cycle. This means that you always know you have a clean, backed up, data file.

Hardware fails.

Your file server may crash and data on it may be unrecoverable. If your nightly tape backup is also run from the file server, it may be difficult to recover your data files from tape.

How Summit SafeGuard helps.

Summit SafeGuard enables you to keep the alternative backup copies in any folder on your hard drive or network, not just on your file server. You can quickly rename and use one of these files.

Summit SafeGuard - The Movie Download Summit SafeGuard Order Summit SafeGuard