MIE Software Support Note
Subject: WinZip - File cop compression instructions Applies to: All Products Date: August 2010

How to create WinZip files

WinZip is a software program that creates archives (.zip files) that can be used for storing and distributing files.
MIE Software recommend using WinZip to send Summit event files when required to facilitate support enquiries.

How to create an archive using WinZip

Open WinZip - From the Start Menu or from the shortcut icon on your desktop. The following window should be displayed:

Create a new archive by clicking on New. Name the zip file and save it where you will find it again.

Add the desired files to your archive.

  • Locate the files you wish to add to your archive
  • Click on it once to select it
  • Ensure the Action field reads 'Add (and replace) files'
  • Ensure the Compression field is set to: 'Legacy (compatibility)'
  • Click on the Add button

If you wish to add more files, simply click Add in the Archive window.

Close WinZip.

To email your zipped file, create new email in Microsoft Outlook and attach your file to the email.

To download WinZip (v.14.5) Click Here

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