MIE Software Support Note
Subject: Performance considerations Applies to: All Products Date: 16 January 2016

General Considerations

1. MS Access 2002 or Higher
Under Options ensure that the 'Track name AutoCorrect info' box and all other name AutoCorrect boxes areunticked.

2. Close (not minimise) all other applications
As all applications take up memory and other system resources you should ensure that all other applications, particularly Microsoft Outlook, are closed when you are using any of the Summit products.

3. Shorten the file name
Shorten the prefix of the data file name (database/event file) to eight or less characters and ensure that it only contains letters and/or numbers but no spaces, e.g. conf2003.eve. This eliminates the need for Windows to reinterpret that name each time a read request is received.

4. Compact your data files daily
When you compact your files they are reduced in size and take a shorter period of time to open and close.

Multi-user / Network Considerations

1. Database file/s location
Place your data/event file on, or as close as possible, to the root folder (directory) of the network share drive rather than several folders down. The reason for this is that, depending on your server security settings, for each folder (directory) you need to navigate down through, the folders (directory's) security settings need to be checked against the domain security system. This checking increases the time it takes to open network files/resources.

2.Your file server
Ensure that the server containing your data files is not being used for any other purpose. If the computer holding the shared data is also being used as a workstation, local activities will be given preference over network requests.

3. Screen savers
Make sure that your file server does not have a screen saver program running. Some screen savers will take as much system resources as they can and leave very little resources for network requests. In some cases this can increase the time taken to process a network request by more than 50 times as long as when the screen saver is not running.

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