MIE Software Support Note
Subject: Registering Summit Products in the Windows Vista environment Applies to: All Products Date: 23 Sept. 2011

Windows Vista and your Summit software

There is only one issue that relates directly to Windows Vista and as opposed to Office. It is that after registering any Summit software, the software is unregistered when next opened.

Both of the following conditions must apply for Summit software to be successfully registered;

  1. You must be logged in as an Administrator.
  2. You must have User Account Control turned off.
Following are detailed instructions for turning off User Account Control in Windows Vista.

Turning Off User Account Control in Windows Vista

To turn off User Account control take the following steps;

  • Open the Control Panel and select the User Accounts as shown below.
Compact Step 2

  • Select Turn User Account on or off as shown below

  • Clear the 'Use User Account Control (UAC)' check box to help protect your computer check box as shown
  • After you click OK you may be asked to restart your computer. After restarting your computer, register your software. Once you have registered, you can turn User Account Control back on.