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ISP & Mail Server Restrictions

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is the organisation that provides you with access to the Internet and subsequently your e-mail accounts.

E-mail Spamming
Many ISPs have protocols in place to protect their clients from e-mail spamming. Spamming is the equivalent of junk mail. It is any message or posting, regardless of its content, that is sent to multiple recipients who have not specifically requested the mail or multiple postings of the same message to newsgroups or list servers.

If you are expecting a high volume of registrations to be received from your WebLink registration page on a daily basis, you need to ensure that your ISP will not consider these e-mails to be spam.

Mail Servers
Your ISP is also the home of your e-mail mailbox. Any message sent to your e-mail address arrives into your e-mail mailbox and then gets sent to your machine/Microsoft Outlook Inbox.

Some ISPs place restrictions on e-mail mailboxes.

  1. 1. Mailbox holding capacity, for example, your e-mail mailbox may only hold up to 6Mb of data.
  2. Your e-mail mailbox can only hold a certain number of e-mail messages.

Checking your ISP and Mail Server Restrictions
If you are expecting a high volume of registrations to be received on a daily basis i.e. more than 30, then you need to ensure that you will actually receive these registrations and that they will not be rejected by your ISP or your e-mail mailbox.

All registration e-mails are sent from registrations@secureregistrations.com and will have the same Subject wording, i.e. ' Conference Registration'.

You can send yourself up to 200 e-mails in one go.

Number of emails to be sent:
Email Address: