The no risk way to buy your software

Choosing a software package your business must rely on can be a difficult, stressful and risky process. To make it easier for you we do the following.

You can try before you buy

You can download full working copies of the Summit Suite of Software from our Product Overview page. All the features of the software are available but there is a restriction on the maximum number of people in a database. There is no time limit on the software so you can evaluate it for as long as you like. We want you to be absolutely sure that the software meets your needs.

If you're worried about pushy, aggressive sales staff, don't be. You don't need to fill out any forms or register with us before downloading the software, so if you don't want any of our staff contacting you, that's fine. If you would prefer to contact us whether it be to ask some questions or to recieve more information, that's fine too. Even if you contact us, there are no high pressure sales tactics. We realise that quite often you are evaluating software for an event that may not be happening for another year or two and you don't want anyone pushing you into buying now. Even if you need the software in the near future, we know that the last thing you want is someone leaning on you, so we don't.

If you want to start building up your name and address database before you purchase, you can always download and use the Summit Event Data Collector free-of-charge.

You have a no risk, no questions asked guarantee

If, in the first month after purchase, you are not completely satisfied with any MIE Software product, you can return it for a full refund. No catches, no questions asked.

You get the best in after-sales support

If you have any queries on how to use the software, your contact person at MIE Software headquarters will be either one of the people who wrote the software or someone who has used it in the real world. You won't be dealing with trainees or anyone who doesn't know the software thoroughly. Your data and time is too important for that.

You have the security of source code

We have an "Open Source" policy. This means that all our products include the source code and you have access to all of it except those parts that relate directly to regulating the use of unregistered software and display of copyright notices. This means that you never have to worry about being locked in to one company to do any software modifications you want (we are always happy to give you a quotation for a modification, but it's nice to know it's not your only choice.)

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