SMS Text Messaging

Why not make life a bit easier and take advantage of Summit's SMS Text Message facility. Send SMS text messages directly from Summit Event Manager or from Summit Central. These SMS text messages (of 160 charcters max)can be sent one at a time from a person's record by double-clicking on Mobile/Cell number field, or to multiple people using the Reporter.

How it works
By double clicking on the Mobile/Cell phone number in Personal Details, you can enter the text of the message (max 160 characters), then click the Send button.

An e-mail is created (mobile number@smswebserver) and sent via MS Outlook. The SMS Web Server will convert this e-mail into a text message and deliver it to that person's mobile/cell phone.

SMS Text messages can also be sent in bulk via the Reporter with automatic contact recording that includes the exact details of the message being sent.

If the recipient replies to the text message, then that text response will be delivered to your MS Outlook Inbox.

Benefits of SMS

Important Information

Delivery of SMS Text Messages
If the sending (not receiving) e-mail address e.g., has not been registered, then the SMS text message will not be delivered.

Format of mobile/cell numbers

Review support article for more information

What it costs...

AUD $66 to register for one year which includes the first 22 text messages each month. Additional messages after this are charged at 25 cents per SMS, invoiced monthly with no minimum charges.

Multiple email addresses can be registered to send text messages from. The e-mail address that all text messages will be sent from e.g. or

All prices are GST inclusive within Australia.

To order please contact us

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