MIE WebLink - Terms of Use

The services that MIE Software provides to you on MIE WebLink are subject to the following terms of use.

E-Mailing Software
All information processed on MIE WebLink is transmitted to you in the form of a formatted e-mail. To be able to import these emails into Summit, you require Microsoft Outlook.

Anti-Spam and Filtering Software
As you will potentially receive a large number of e-mails from the e-mail address, registrations@secureregistrations.com, you must establish with your e-mail provider that none of these e-mails will be blocked by any anti-Spam or filtering software. This step must be taken prior to your MIE WebLink page going "live".

Continuity of Service
As MIE WebLink registration pages are developed and hosted by a 3rd party, MIE Software can not guarantee continuity of service. You accept MIE WebLink on this basis. If the services can not be delivered for any reason, you will be entitled to a pro rata refund of setup and hosting fees.

Data Retention
Personal registration information is retained for a minimum of twelve months after the hosting end date of an event to enable us to deal with credit card disputes. MIE WebLink site information is retained for at least eight years to enable the copying of event setups.

Disputed Transactions and Charge Backs
If you are accepting payments on-line, you understand that it is your responsibility to ensure that every person paying on-line is aware that the transaction will appear on their credit card statement as a purchase from "MIE Software Pty Ltd Port Melbourne". This is because the sale is processed using our Internet Merchant Account.

If a person disputes a transaction because they do not recognise it, MIE Software must supply full details of the transaction to the cardholder's bank. This process takes time and effort on the part of MIE Software but we will not charge you any administrative fee for processing these disputed transactions.

At the same time as we supply the cardholder's bank with details of the transaction we will also e-mail you details of the disputed transaction. These details will include the event name, name of the person registering, transaction date, transaction amount and the cardholder's name (as entered into MIE WebLink). It is then your responsibility to ensure that the person disputing the transaction is made aware of the details of the transaction and that they then advise their bank that the transaction is no longer disputed.

If the cardholder continues to dispute the transaction, the disputed amount will be charged back to MIE Software. This means that the disputed amount is removed from the MIE Software bank account by our bank at the request of the cardholder's bank. If this occurs you must deposit the disputed amount back into the MIE Software bank account within one business day of us providing you with evidence of the charge back having taken place. It is then your responsibility to pursue the cardholder for the disputed amount.

You will also be liable for the bank chargeback processing fee of $33.00 per chargeback.

If you do not deposit the disputed amount back into the MIE Software bank account within one business day we reserve the right to divert any further MIE WebLink receipts directly into the MIE Software bank account until the disputed amount has been recovered.

If, while processing Internet registrations, you deem a transaction is probably fraudulent, and advise us, we will hold the monies for that transaction in our trust account and will not transfer them to you. When the fraudulent transaction is charged back, we will absorb the bank chargeback processing fee.

If you wish to refund a person we can do this provided that the credit card details are still correct at the time of the refund (for example expiry date not passed and card not cancelled). We cannot do a partial refund. We can only refund the amount in full. You must deposit the refunded amount back into the MIE Software bank account within one business day of us advising you that the refund has been processed. There is an $11 fee for processing a refund.

Change of Fees
MIE Software may, at any time and without notice, amend the amount charged for setup, hosting, transaction charges, merchant fees and chargeback. If fees are amended, the amended fees will only apply to newly created registration pages, not to registration pages already being hosted.

Overdue Account
If you have an outstanding account with MIE Software that is more than 30 days overdue, MIE Software may withhold the outstanding amount from monies transferred to you to settle the outstanding account.

Credit Cards Processed
The payments gateway will only process MasterCard and Visa credit cards. There is no processing facility for American Express or Diners Club credit cards and none is planned.

Credit card processing is only available for Australian dollar transactions and you must have an Australian bank account for the transfer of funds.

Invoice Redirection
If you wish invoices related to setup and hosting of a MIE WebLink site to be redirected to a third party (for example, a client corporation) there is a one-off fee of $66 per event.

MIE WebLink Administration Site
When we set up your MIE WebLink page we provide you with an administrator ID and password. By logging on to the MIE WebLink Administration Site using this ID and password you can:

If requested, MIE Software can assist you in any of the above administrative tasks, but this assistance will be charged to you at normal support rates.

Site Modifications
Any modifications to your MIE WebLink site beyond those available in the administrator functions will be charged at normal programming rates.

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